Software Engineer/Cloud DevOps

<aside> 🇳🇬 A Software Engineer/ DevOps based in Nigeria with a passion for building scalable solutions and Managing IT infrastructures

Highly motivated and experienced Software engineer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions, having over five years of experience. Proficient in PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, Inertia.js, and Cloud DevOps. Demonstrated strengths include technical troubleshooting, project leadership and communication skills, creative problem solver with demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and a solid desire to establish a career in a challenging. Detail-oriented, self-motivated, and able to work effectively independently and as part of a team.


Some Recent Projects


Chota - Unlocking the power of location data



Self Hosted Deal Management Software - Concord CRM


More projects

Tools I use frequently 🔨

Development - PHPStorm, PyCharm, GoLand, VSCode

PyCharm For Python, GoLand IDE for Go projects, PHPStorm for PHP projects and Visual Studio Code for any general development or editing.

DevOps - Linux, Jenkins, Circle CI, Docker/Kubernetes, AWS, AWS Lambda etc

Generally, use these tools to optimize the development process from development to production environment

Version Control - Git, Github, Bitbucket

Versatile in each of the following software for version control and tracking changes.